Community Support for Deborah Burton Continues to Grow

Deborah Burton is just the latest target of the City Attorney’s ongoing campaign to squash protest and political dissent in Los Angeles, including other LA CAN members.

Deborah, a longtime LA CAN member and organizer, has been unjustly charged with three counts of assault for alleged actions during a legal protest in April 2011. She was not charged until August 2012, 16 months later, and public records show that in the interim months LAPD and the Central City East Association actively lobbied the City Attorney to criminally charge LA CAN members involved in a monthly protest of the CCEA’s “Skid Row Walk.”

To learn more about Deborah’s case, click HERE. Stay tuned for more information!

20 by 30 debbie

Central Division, LAPD Officer Earl Wright, and 1.2 million Reasons to Finally Erase Racism

This week the City of Los Angeles, really LA taxpayers, paid Officer Earl Wright S1.2 million after a jury (after 4 hours) found that fried chicken and watermelon birthday cakes were indeed RACIST! and,0,617450.story

LA CAN has witnessed Officer Wright and other officers named in this suit during the course of their duties for years.   There are relatively few Black officers in Central, a division that sits squarely in the middle of one of LA’s last African American/Black strongholds.  What is clear from the details and outcome of this case is that Central Division is as racist and brutal toward African Americans internally as they are externally.

Based in Downtown LA’s  Skid Row community, Central Division sits as if it’s a gun tower on a prison yard. Skid Row is definitely treated as a carceral  community, day in and day out, and bearing witness to human and civil rights violations is a daily occurrence. The issues of race and racism are not new in the community and regardless of what the “new and improved” LAPD might tell you.  Black folks are catching hell in Central Division, inside and outside of the station.

LA CAN has been on the front-lines fighting against the banishment of poor, mostly Black people in Downtown Los Angeles for more than a decade. Our nationally recognized Community Watch program educates residents on their civil rights, documents police activities in our neighborhood, and  intervenes in cases of rights violations by the LAPD and Business Improvement District security guards.  Videos taken over the years shows racist and insensitive behavior that is hauntingly, though probably not surprisingly, similar to the issues faced by Officer Wright.

Officer Wright was harassed with photos depicting him as a character in the 70s TV show  Sanford and Son.  In the news clips below Central Division Officers are caught illegally taking property from skid row residents and dumping it under the 6th Street bridge. Once there, Central Division officers sing the Sanford and Son theme song to summon homeless residents to unload their vehicles and take whatever they want.

Clearly the behavior alleged by Wright is not new and from LAPD’s response to this video — not frowned upon. When we released the footage LAPD’s response was nonchalant and questioned if it was indeed racially charged.  Racism inside…racism out side – that pretty much sums it up.

Take a look for yourself.

LA CAN will continue to fight against LAPD’s oppression and racism in Skid Row, South LA, and across the City. LAPD now has $1.2 MORE reasons why they should finally get serious about confronting, preventing and erasing racism.  Charlie Beck’s “new and improved” mantra, with the support of people like Connie Rice, simply means a better public relations department – not real change.

Stopping the TB Mis-information Campaign: LA CAN Calls on Department of Public Health to Explain

The word of  a Skid Row TB “outbreak” traveled quickly. Local, National and International media outlets picked up the story and ran with it–most forgot to check the facts. Concerned family members and supporters called and emailed LA CAN members to make sure they were okay and taking all of the necessary precautions. The story created an environment of fear and panic and those elected and paid to assuage those fears were nowhere to be found.

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Media, LAPD Misrepresent TB Outbreak in Skid Row Creating Unnecessary Fear and Further Demonization: Community Meeting to be held with L.A. Dept. of Public Health to Dispel Rumors Around TB and Promote Effective Health Education

Much has been made in the media this week about the so-called “outbreak” of Tuberculosis in Skid Row. Despite many rumors and mis-information spread by countless news outlets, the Los Angeles County Department of Health is telling everyone not to panic (Click HERE for an Info Sheet the Department just released). Excerpts include:

Should the public be concerned? No, the general public should not be overly concerned. The public needs to know that there is no immediate danger to their health related to the current situation. TB is spread from person to person through the air, and usually requires prolonged, close contact.

Should people working with the homeless population wear a mask? No, but persons working with homeless populations should remain alert to the signs and symptoms of active TB disease (e.g., prolonged cough, fever, night sweats, weight loss) and refer those individuals promptly for further medical evaluation.

It is shameful and irresponsible of the media to mislead the public in a way that causes unwarranted panic and that further demonizes Skid Row. LAPD gave a directive for officers to wear masks, something NOT recommended by Public Health officials. We have also already heard stories and witnessed LAPD sensationalizing the rumors around TB to further violate the rights of local residents.

In the video below, officers justified private security guards illegally going through private property by saying it was “for your own safety” considering “all the stuff that has been in the news” about “people getting sick.” LAPD sits by as BID guards cut open people’s bags – even those clearly marked with Not Abandoned signs.

To counter this mis-information, and promote community-based health responses, LA CAN is organizing a Community Meeting with the LA County Department of Public Health on Friday, March 1, at 6pm. The event will be co-hosted by SRO Housing and held at the James M. Wood Community Center on 400 E. 5th Street (5th and San Julian). Come find out what you really need to know and get involved in promoting community health in Skid Row!

Click HERE for a flyer and help spread the word! 

Buy Your Tickets TODAY! DWAC presents The Vagina Monologues

Downtown Women’s Action Coalition presents The Vagina Monologues
Written by Eve Ensler

Purchase your tickets TODAY! Contact | 213.228.0024

Thursday, February 21 | Friday, February 22 | Doors open at 6:30pm
Vortex Theatre, 2341 E. Olympic Blvd. (at Santa Fe)

All proceeds go to the Downtown Women’s Action Coalition (DWAC). DWAC’s vision is to establish a collective voice that communicates the strength and power of women in the Downtown LA community.

Click HERE to view the event trailer.

General Admission $25 | Low-Income Residents $10 | Group Rate 5 for $50

Over 25 Squad Cars and 50 LAPD Officers Deployed in Skid Row Last Night – Does This Make the Community Safer?

Last night, February 6, was the first Wednesday of the month – the day that up to a few months ago was designated for the so-called “Skid Row Safety Walk” by the Central City East Association. LA CAN has continued using the first Wednesday of the month for a real, community-based public safety walk that engages residents in current health and safety projects, and promotes participation in our other human rights work.

Los Angeles-20130206-00074

However, around 6 pm it was clear that the police presence was unusually high, even for Skid Row. On Wall St. there were 20-25 squad cars and 50+ LAPD officers outside of Central Division. As we continued our walk, we saw dozens of instances of LAPD officers pulling up on residents, cuffing them, and rifling through their personal possessions for extended periods of time. More often than not, these residents were then uncuffed and left to re-organize their possessions without any explanation for why they were detained.

This pattern continued today as our Community Watch police monitoring team documented at least 10 incidents in less than an hour.

It is clear that there has been an enforcement policy change in recent days. The amount of harassment and civil rights violations that have occurred in the last week are above their regularly high rates, and the constant LAPD presence on every corner from Main St. to Central has only exacerbated tensions and escalated the feeling of occupation that has come to characterize our community. Our community will not accept this and we will fight back against this resurgence of the occupation of Skid Row.

LA CAN remains steadfast in its dedication to defending the human and civil rights of Skid Row residents – and we will respond accordingly by documenting this surge in policy presence, educating residents to know their rights and to defend them, and organizing our community to stop the abusive, racist policing in Downtown LA.

Los Angeles-20130206-00076

Hundreds of Residents and Organizations Gather to STOP the CCFO! The Discriminatory Law Dies in Council!

Hundreds of residents and organizations from ACROSS L.A. gathered at City Hall this morning to STOP the Community Care Facilities Ordinance (CCFO), which would unfairly restrict and eliminate shared housing options in LA, increasing homelessness and segregation in our communities.

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LA Times 12/1/2012: “In Trutanich vs. L.A.’s skid row, the homeless win again”

trutanichLink to Los Angeles Times article HERE.

By Sandra Hernandez
December 1, 2012


Los Angeles City Atty. Carmen Trutanich lost another round in his misguided legal battle to lift a court order barring the city from seizing and destroying the unattended property of homeless people who live in downtown’s skid row.

On Friday, the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals refused to rehear an earlier decision by a three-judge panel that put the ban in place. The judges ruled that the city’s policy violated  homeless people’s 4th Amendment right to be free of unreasonable seizure of their property.

Trutanich can’t be too surprised by the latest turn of events. After all, the city has been sued several times since 1989 over near-identical policies on skid row, and each time a federal court has intervened to block those efforts.

Moreover, the city attorney’s legal argument in this case hasn’t been terribly persuasive and amounts to little more than that the homeless are using the sidewalks as their personal storage area. That may be true, but it ignores that, by definition, the homeless have no other place to put their possessions. And as the appeals court originally concluded, such logic would allow the police to seize and destroy a car simply because it was illegally parked momentarily.

It will be interesting to see Trutanich’s next move. In July, the city conducted a 13-day sweep that complied with the existing court order. That cleanup effort struck the right balance between protecting public health and respecting the rights of the homeless. That seems like a good model going forward.

Diverse City-wide Coalition Unites to Defeat Community Care Facilities Ordinance

As many of you know, the City Council is preparing to vote on the Community Care Facilities Ordinance – an ordinance that would unfairly restrict and eliminate shared housing options in LA – increasing homelessness and segregation in our communities. Visit for more details and history.

We need your help to ensure this ordinance does NOT pass! In just a few short minutes you can join us in our movement to defeat the Community Care Facilities Ordinance!

Help us Spread the Word!

LIKE us on Facebook ( – and share our videos and updates with your friends!

FOLLOW us on Twitter ( – and RETWEET our Action Alerts using the Hashtag #StopCCFO!

Save the Date!

It is very likely the City Council will vote on this proposed ordinance on Wednesday, January 30th. Save the date for the 10:00 am Council meeting – we will keep you updated when the date is confirmed.

Sign online and make a call BEFORE JAN 30th!

Sign our online petition at ( – and encourage your friends and families to do the same!

Call City Council Members Krekorian, Zine, LaBonge, Koretz, Parks, Wesson and Buscaino and urge them to VOTE NO!

And/or call to thank Council Members Alarcon, Huizar, Perry, Rosendahl and Garcetti for their public commitments to vote no!

District 1: Ed Reyes- (213)-473-7001

District 2: Paul Krekorian- (213)-473-7002

District 3: Dennis Zine- (213)-473-7003

District 4: Tom LaBonge- (213)-473-7004

District 5: Paul Koretz- (213)-473-7005

District 6: Vacant- (213) -473-7006

District 7: Richard Alarcon- (213)-473-7007

District 8: Bernard Parks- (213)-473-7008

District 9: Jan Perry- (213)-473-7009

District 10: Council President, Herb Wesson- (213)-473-7010

District 11: Bill Rosendahl- (213)-473-7011

District 12: Mitchell Englander- (213)-473-7012

District 13: Eric Garcetti- (213)-473-7013

District 14: Jose Huizar- (213)-473-7014

District 15: Joe Buscaino- (213)-473-7015


Stories, Solutions and Movement Building Were Key Themes at the January 19th Stop LAPD Spying Community Townhall

For more information, visit

With almost 150 diverse community members present, several participants commented that the January 19th Townhall was informative, educational, and empowering.

The townhall affirmed the pervasive and rapidly expanding spying and surveillance apparatus:

  • impacts everyone and not just one community or another;
  • continues the national security rhetoric, which needs to be debunked;
  • criminalizes dissent, which must be exposed and challenged;
  • is a waste of precious public resources;
  • increases racial profiling and targeting of undocumented immigrants, youth, LGBTQ communities, and other communities of color.

Community members shared stories about being detained and questioned by LAPD for simply taking photographs, highlighting the insidious nature of Suspicious Activity Reporting (SAR) policies leading to harassment and disruption of lives and potentially being placed in LAPD’s Special Order 1 data base. One community member shared her story of stalking, surveillance and being followed by Torrance PD in retaliation to her filing a report about sexual assault by a Torrance PD officer.

Several suggestions and solutions were offered including:

  • educate our communities on new surveillance technologies and monitor their use;
  • mainstream conversations on police surveillance and spying as part of LA’s conversation;
  • raise awareness that this is just not a phenomenon of the past, but a constant threat to our human rights, privacy and civil liberties;
  • monitor and watch the watchers – be prepared for infiltration;
  • train to record videos, take pictures and post and share immediately;
  • organize to dismantle injustices and not “reform” them;
  • develop and implement a strategic outreach plan;
  • continue with the intersectional coalition building;
  • demand an elected civilian review board over LAPD.

Upcoming Action: The LAPD Inspector General is expected to release his audit of LAPD SO 1 at the Police Commission meeting on the 1st (5th Feb) or 2nd (12th Feb) Tuesday of February. The coalition will be releasing its “Peoples’ Audit” at the same time. Please mark the days for a potential Call to Action. The LAPD commission meeting agenda is posted on the Friday prior to the meeting.

The townhall set the stage for the Stop LAPD Spying Coalition’s next phase of grass root organizing, community outreach and education, and advocacy. Thanks to efforts of many who’ve been on the frontlines and in the background helping the coalition build the groundswell to fight back.


Lost Angels: A Film featuring the Civil Rights and Housing Work of LA CAN Screening THIS WEEK at ArcLight Cinema

This weekend and next week be sure to check out exclusive screenings of Lost Angels at the ArcLight Cinemas in Hollywood. For information on the screenings, visit the Lost Angels Facebook Page HERE.

In addition to telling the stories and struggles of homeless individuals living in Skid Row, Lost Angels also makes the important connection between homelessness, the gentrification in Downtown LA, and the Safer Cities Initiative, which has brought over 150 additional LAPD officers to Skid Row and criminalized the lives of thousands of homeless folks Downtown.

A lot of the footage you’ll see in the clip below is from LA CAN’s Community Watch Program.

Los Angeles Area Fusion Spy Center Exposed: Communities Demand full Transparency and End to Civil Liberties and Privacy Violations

Media Advisory
Hamid Khan, (562) 230-4578
Pete White, (213) 434-1594
Mariella Saba, (323) 382-1631

Los Angeles Area Fusion Spy Center Exposed! Communities Demand full Transparency and End to Civil Liberties and Privacy Violations!

What: Press Conference and Rally at the Los Angeles area Fusion Center also known as JRIC – Joint Regional Intelligence Center.

When:Thursday, December 13, 2012 11:00 am

Where: 12440 E. Imperial Hwy., Norwalk, CA 90650

Who: Stop LAPD Spying Coalition including numerous organizational and individual members.

On October 3rd, the United States Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, released a highly critical report on Fusion Centers, calling it “Waste at State and Local Intelligence Fusion Centers” (full report available at Senate report said that after spending almost $1.4 Billion,“Fusion centers intelligence reporting was often flawed, irrelevant or useless, and inappropriate or unrelated to terrorism.” The report further exposed, “…civil liberties intrusions and potentially illegal reports about constitutionally protected activity,” and “…in some cases Fusion Centers lack adequate financial oversight and failed to hold officials accountable who reportedly violated guidelines.”

The senate subcommittee report confirms the Stop LAPD Spying Coalition’s deep concern with the Los Angeles Police Department’s flawed Suspicious Activity Reporting (SAR) program. LAPD is a leading law enforcement agency which shares information with the Los Angeles Area Fusion Center, one of the largest in the country, located in Norwalk, CA.Since March 2008, pursuant to Special Order (SO) 1 and iWATCH program, LAPD has opened and sent thousands of secret files to the Norwalk location.

Jamie Rae Garcia, a registered nurse and member of the coalition said “The senate report on fusion centers confirm that LAPD Suspicious Activity Reporting amounts to a waste of precious public resources during a time of economic crisis, when critical services are being cut back, homelessness is on the rise and education is being gutted.”

The Stop LAPD Spying Coalition has filed strong opposition to LAPD’s role in facilitating secret data collection of lawful activities. “LAPD Special Order 1 and iWATCH allow the routine use of innocent activity, like taking pictures or using binoculars, and many other activities, to open formal police investigations without one’s knowledge. They systematically invade privacy and violate our civil liberties,” said Jim Lafferty, Executive Director of the National Lawyers Guild and member of the Stop LAPD Spying Coalition.

The Stop LAPD Spying Coalition is a diverse grassroots coalition that includes youth, immigrants, formerly incarcerated people, academics, LGBTQ community members, artists, lawyers, and faith based and community-based organizations. The coalition has demanded that LAPD rescind Special Order 1 and terminate the iWATCH program. Not only do these policies violate privacy and civil liberties, they further add to police practices based on false positives and racial profiling. The Senate report has stated very clearly – “Garbage In, Garbage Out.”


Visit for more information. Endorsing organizations include Dream Team LA, LA Community Action Network,

Youth Justice Coalition, Interfaith Communities United in Justice and Peace, Labor Community Strategy Center, Enlace,

Southern California Immigration Coalition, National Lawyers Guild-LA, IDEPSCA, Sin Fronteras, Desis Rising Up and Moving, Gender Justice LA, Advocates for Black Strategic Alternatives, Occupy the Hood LA, Occidental College – Urban and Environmental Policy Institute

STOP TREATING US LIKE TRASH! Public Housing Residents Present HACLA with Over 1,000 Postcards Demanding an End to Unjust Trash Fees

On March 21st, 2012, LA Human Right to Housing Collective members, representing 8 of the City’s 14 public housing developments, filed suit against the Housing Authority for refusing to reimburse them for years of unjust trash fees. Under federal regulations, the residents should receive a rent credit for the fees.  The suit is currently in mediation.

Lucia Postcards

That is why on November 29th, the Collective’s Public Housing Committee’s members arrived at a packed Housing Authority Board of Commissioners Meeting to make clear that although the legal process is moving at a snail’s pace, the residents are not sitting idly by but are instead taking advantage of the extra time to engage their neighbors in the campaign to end the trash fees.  By going door to door in their neighborhoods, Collective members obtained over 1,000 postcards and an equal amount of momentum for the campaign within several short weeks.  “We respect your rules, and our neighbors, we expect you to respect our rights” testified Francisco Estrada before the commission as his Pueblo del Rio neighbor Lucia Sanchez held the stack of postcards high and proud. “The real power in our presence is with the 1,000 more residents who stand with us today,” said Lucia.

Postcards Jpeg

While we await the outcome of the lawsuit, the Collective will continue to engage more residents and allies.  Next week we will be at City Hall, presenting the Mayor and the Council with the postcards and asking for their support in bringing an end to the trash fees.

“Three Strikes and You’re Out!”: Trutanich Stop Wasting Our Resources

Carmen Trutanich, backed by the Los Angeles Police Department and Central City East Association, has incessantly attempted (on three recent occasions) to obtain the authority to simply deprive homeless people of their personal property. Lavan v. City of Los Angeles, brought by Civil Rights Attorney, Carol Sobel simply lays out what is prescribed by the U.S. Constitution, that people have a right to property to which the courts have agreed, on three occasions.

LA CAN has been fighting and reporting on this issue for quite some time but is still amazed at the cavalier attitude taken by the City Attorney as he continues to spend limited resources from shrinking city coffers. Never-mind the fact that Los Angeles has lost the EXACT same battle numerous times since the 80′s, Nuch continues to run headstrong into the weeds.

LA Times’ Sandra Hernandez has covered this story/legal fiasco from the start and has offered Nuch a bit of wise advise, stop ALREADY! Carmen, would you please stop? We’re asking you nicely, this time, but as residents of Los Angeles we could create a list of things that deserve your full attention…this ain’t one of them!

Central City Association, Jan Perry and DTLA 1% threaten Skid Row Residents…with Arrest?

Last week, on November 8th, LA CAN members again protested outside the Orpheum Theater during the Central City Association’s second mayor candidate breakfast. This time the CCA was hosting Councilmember Jan Perry – and, this time, CCA and the Downtown LA 1% called in the LAPD to try to shut us down.

After trying to silence the free speech rights of Skid Row residents by stating that we were “disturbing the peace”, we were informed by LAPD that the individuals inside the meeting – business leaders, Central City Association members, etc. – were going to arrest us. Please watch the video above to see just how it went down.

LA Times 11/10/10: “Skid Row Community Garden: bounty by the bucket”

gardeningClick HERE for direct article link at The Los Angeles Times.

The newest community garden in Los Angeles has no soil, bakes in all-day sun and is seen by few outsiders except those who pass above in helicopters.

The Skid Row Community Garden is on the roof of a four-story building on South Main Street, between 5th and 6th streets in downtown L.A. It’s part of the Los Angeles Community Action Network, an 11-year-old organization with more than 600 members working with homeless and low-income people in the Skid Row area, a population that by some estimates totals about 13,000.

Pete White, founder and co-director of the group, points to the south noting that just a few blocks away is the produce market, the hub for much of Southern California’s fresh fruit and vegetables, but the residents of downtown wouldn’t know it. Want a definition of food insecurity? Try to buy a fresh carrot around here.

“If the city can’t get fresh produce to skid row, we’ll grow our own,” he says.

The garden is young, started in late June with tomatoes, peppers and herbs, everything planted in plastic containers. Now, with the help of master gardeners Anne Hars and Maggie Lobl, the first fall crop will be going in: fava beans, radishes, brassicas such as kale and mustard, peas, herbs, micro-greens and catnip, the last two intended for downtown restaurants and pet emporiums, a potential revenue source.

The building had been the home of an Army-Navy department store with an unreliable elevator. Even though the summer was mild, gardeners had to trudge up more than 100 steps to water plants on the roof, sometimes twice a day during a heat wave.
For the fall crop, Hars enlisted the help of Erik Knutzen, co-author of “The Urban Homestead.” Using a 1917 design, he showed the volunteers how to construct a self-irrigating pot system, or SIP, using two 5-gallon paint buckets, an 18-inch piece of 1-inch plastic pipe and a plastic party cup. (See the YouTube video or read full instructions.) The SIPs work off the wicking method, drawing water up from a bottom reservoir to feed the roots. Though others do use potting soil, the growing medium at the skid row garden is not dirt but a soil-less compound, similar to a seed starter.

It’s a nutritional mix that is just the right weight,” Hars says. “The water wicks up nicely and doesn’t get too soggy at the bottom. If you used regular dirt, there would be no wicking action.”

The first two SIPs are a few weeks old and are thriving. The fava beans are bursting out of the protective sheeting on top in a thick bouquet.

“They’re doing better than my ones at home are,” Hars says.

— Jeff Spurrier

Photo, top: Anne Hars, left, helps Skid Row Community Garden member Lydia Trejo plant in self-irrigating pots made from 5-gallon buckets.

Photo, above right: Dee Weakly, a member of the Skid Row Community Garden, drills a water-overflow hole in a self-irrigating pot at the Los Angeles Community Action Network downtown.

Photo, above left: Though the plant in the foreground looks stressed, the fava beans in the background are thriving.

Photo credit: Ann Summa