Vote YES on Measure H!

ITZ-0KJdLA CAN is urging all of our supporters to vote YES on Measure H on March 7.

Measure H, in just the first 5 years, will enable 45,000 families/individuals to exit homelessness into permanent housing and help an additional 30,000 …



LA CAN has moved to its new home at 838 E. 6th Street! Come through and say hello!Also, we’re still setting up the new space (and phones!), but our email is working! More updates soon!

West Coast Day of Action!

January 18-19 2014–

LA CAN joins organizations across Los Angeles to pursue a Homeless Bill of Human Rights to stop abuses in Los Angeles as well as up and down the entire western region. Mad respect goes out to Hunger …

What the Hell: So Jaywalking tickets are fine as long as they go to poor, predominantly Black, people in Downtown Los Angeles.

I’m taking this opportunity to call foul! The recent “firestorm” about jaywalking tickets,0,6633088.story#axzz2nyPUszgU in downtown would be laughable if not for the obvious…poor and homeless people of color have been targeted for the same offense (allegedly stepping off the …

Downtown LA for the California Little Hoover Commission Meeting on Realignment?


Mid-Wilshire for Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles Commission Meeting?


Van Nuys for the Joint City Planning

Media, LAPD Misrepresent TB Outbreak in Skid Row Creating Unnecessary Fear and Further Demonization: Community Meeting to be held with L.A. Dept. of Public Health to Dispel Rumors Around TB and Promote Effective Health Education

Much has been made in the media this week about the so-called “outbreak” of Tuberculosis in Skid Row. Despite many rumors and mis-information spread by countless news outlets, the Los Angeles County Department of Health is telling everyone not to