LA CAN Video Archive

Since our inception in 1999, LA CAN has used video and storytelling as tools for recruiting and organizing residents and fighting our campaigns. Below you will find a selection of just some of our campaign videos and micro-documentaries. For more information on this videos and their content, learn more about Our Work.

Footage from July 31 CA Hunger Strikers Solidarity Action at Federal Building

LA CAN and Friends say “NO NEW JAILS!”

LAPD Earl Wright Wins $1.2 Million: Sanford and Son Racism Not New in Central Division


Skid Row TB Scare: Real Risk

TB Forum: Responds to Media

TB Forum: DPH overview

TB Forum: Dogon on property and TB

TB Forum: Brother A Inquires on Notification

TB Forum: TB Outbreak Forum Intro

DWAC presents The Vagina Monologues

LA CAN Safety Walk Outreach/Community Watch (February 6, 2013)

Operation Skid Row Mini-Documentary

Stop the Community Care Facilities Ordinance!

LA CAN 2012: “We Shall Not Be Moved!”

November 2012 Central City Association Mayoral Candidate Breakfast

Play Fair at Farmers Field Coalition Announces Lawsuit Challenging CA SB292

Clean the Streets but leave our property alone.

We Will Fight, Not Forget:Dale Garrett Vigil and Memorial Against LAPD Murder

They Spy and We Die: A Look at LAPDs Safer City Initiative, Spying and Death

LAPD tases a Skid Row resident for jaywalking?

LA CAN 2011

FREEDOM NOW: Clyde Woods Dedication

Freedom Now/Operation Skid Row: January 15, 2012!

Play That Funky Music White Boy–Gentrification Flashmob

The $1 Million Dollar Gensler Public Subsidy

The $1 Million Dollar Gensler Public Subsidy

What would a 2011 L.A. Rent Increase mean to Leonard Woods?

What would a 2011 L.A. Rent Increase mean to Al Sabo?

LA CAN CommunityWatch March 2011


Stop Breaking Tenants’ Hearts, Herb

Racial Profiling News Clip

Adam, LA CAN, Los Angeles

Micheal Hubman, Watercorps, speaks on the right to feed poor people without the fear of arrest

Pam J., LA CAN, speaks about the impacts of criminalization as a Human Rights violation

Steve Diaz, LA CAN, speaks about Right to Housing Violations in the USA

James Porter, LA CAN, speaks about Racial Profiling in Los Angeles, CA

General Dogon, LA CAN, speaks on the Human Right to Housing and Gentrification

WRAP Action

Homes Not Handcuffs: Join Us in San Francisco

“Why we love LA CAN!”

LA CAN Downtown Housing

LAPD Shoot Homeless Man

Police Run Amuck in Skid Row

LAPD Strikes Again in Skid Row

The Skid Row Artwalk

If I Were A Community Values President

Safer City Initiative Anniversary

Mayor Vilar’s Smoke & Mirrors

Gallery Row, Skid Row, or Jim Crow ?

LAPD Beating of African-American Woman 6/3/07