Diverse City-wide Coalition Unites to Defeat Community Care Facilities Ordinance

As many of you know, the City Council is preparing to vote on the Community Care Facilities Ordinance – an ordinance that would unfairly restrict and eliminate shared housing options in LA – increasing homelessness and segregation in our communities. Visit www.stopccfo.org for more details and history.

We need your help to ensure this ordinance does NOT pass! In just a few short minutes you can join us in our movement to defeat the Community Care Facilities Ordinance!

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Save the Date!

It is very likely the City Council will vote on this proposed ordinance on Wednesday, January 30th. Save the date for the 10:00 am Council meeting – we will keep you updated when the date is confirmed.

Sign online and make a call BEFORE JAN 30th!

Sign our online petition at Change.org (http://chn.ge/XffrQc) – and encourage your friends and families to do the same!

Call City Council Members Krekorian, Zine, LaBonge, Koretz, Parks, Wesson and Buscaino and urge them to VOTE NO!

And/or call to thank Council Members Alarcon, Huizar, Perry, Rosendahl and Garcetti for their public commitments to vote no!

District 1: Ed Reyes- (213)-473-7001

District 2: Paul Krekorian- (213)-473-7002

District 3: Dennis Zine- (213)-473-7003

District 4: Tom LaBonge- (213)-473-7004

District 5: Paul Koretz- (213)-473-7005

District 6: Vacant- (213) -473-7006

District 7: Richard Alarcon- (213)-473-7007

District 8: Bernard Parks- (213)-473-7008

District 9: Jan Perry- (213)-473-7009

District 10: Council President, Herb Wesson- (213)-473-7010

District 11: Bill Rosendahl- (213)-473-7011

District 12: Mitchell Englander- (213)-473-7012

District 13: Eric Garcetti- (213)-473-7013

District 14: Jose Huizar- (213)-473-7014

District 15: Joe Buscaino- (213)-473-7015