Hundreds of Residents and Organizations Gather to STOP the CCFO! The Discriminatory Law Dies in Council!

Hundreds of residents and organizations from ACROSS L.A. gathered at City Hall this morning to STOP the Community Care Facilities Ordinance (CCFO), which would unfairly restrict and eliminate shared housing options in LA, increasing homelessness and segregation in our communities.


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With chambers at standing room only, the CCFO died in Council today – Council Member Mitch Englander simply did not have the votes to pass this discriminatory ordinance. While this campaign is far from over, the political winds have surely shifted. Englander, once defiant and sure of marginal support for the ordinance, has been reduced to polemic double-talk.

STOPCCFO Meme 3 List of Orgs

This was in no doubt due to the power of the diverse coalition that united on behalf of fair housing in L.A.! Thanks to all of you who showed up to let your voice be heard!