KTLA 4/23/14: “After #myNYPD Twitter Debacle, #myLAPD Also Brings Out Unflattering Images”

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by Melissa Pamer

In the wake of a public relations campaign that backfired embarrassingly for the New York Police Department this week, the LAPD was the target of a similar phenomenon on social media.


This April 22, 2014, tweet from the New York Police Department prompted an unintended backlash. (Credit: CNN)

The East Coast department’s effort Tuesday to get New Yorkers to post photos on Twitter using the hashtag #myNYPD spawned images of police brutality instead. The department had asked for photos of members of the public posing with New York’s finest.

Within a few hours, #myLAPD was among the online hashtags cropping up in a variety of cities where critics were posting unflattering images of local police departments.

Locally, #myLAPD tweets included allegations of violence and abuse on the part of the Los Angeles Police Department, including several mentions of the 1991 beating of Rodney King in Lake View Terrace.

Lt. Andy Neiman of the LAPD reacted to the #myLAPD hashtag on Wednesday afternoon.

“Its certainly not an official LAPD site, but its an opportunity for people apparently to vent about how they feel about the police department and bring up things that people perceive we did wrong in the past,” Neiman said.