LA CAN Led Effort Leads to Universal EBT at Farmers Markets!


After a community effort initiated by members of LA CAN’s Team Food Committee LA City Council passed a motion on May 13 directing the City Attorney to draft an ordinance requiring that all farmer’s markets in the City of LA accept EBT/CalFresh (aka Food Stamps)!

What this means is that soon all low-income residents who have CalFresh will be able to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables at any farmers market! Until recently only about 40% of markets citywide accepted EBT. So today is a big win for all of us who fight every day to improve the health and well-being of poor communities of color across LA!

In LA, given the health disparities between white communities and communities of color, food justice IS racial justice. Of course, we need a radical change in the food system to address all the health inequities that exist in our City. But we should celebrate that soon will be able to fill our bellies with fresh fruits and veggies as we continue to fight for a more just City!

This wouldn’t have been possible with our many key partners, including the LA Food Policy Council, Hunger Action LA, and others! So thanks to EVERYONE who helped make this possible!