LAist 4/23/14: “#MyNYPD Twitter Fail Spawns #MyLAPD, Showing Police Hard At Work Beating Folks Up”

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The LAPD in the 77th Street division at work (Photo by Atomic Hot Links via the LAist Featured Photos pool on Flickr)

When the NYPD decided yesterday it would be great PR campaign to ask New Yorkers totweet out happy photos of the police doing good, coupled with the #MyNYPD hashtag, we’re pretty sure they immediately regretted it. The NYPD didn’t expect New Yorkers to tweet out an onslaught of photos, videos and personal stories sharing their personal experiences with police brutality. Hours later, cities all around the country had come up with their own subversive, anti-police brutality hashtags featuring violent snapshots of their local forces.

That spawned L.A.’s own #MyLAPD hashtag: instead of photos of the LAPD helping elderly ladies cross the street or posing happily with babies, we got these images of the LAPD:

Photos of the police holding cute puppies? No, more like shooting a dog point blank:

And remember Kim Nguyen, the handcuffed woman who fell out of an LAPD squad with her top undone? She says Koreatown police officers sexually assaulted her.

Let’s not forget these two infamous ones:

#myLAPD #myNYPD @LAPDHQ “oops we shot at the wrong vehicle” 2 females injured delivering newspaper

— JCL_50 (@JC_Lomeli) April 23, 2014