Housing is a Human Right


LA CAN maintains that Housing is a Human Right and has engaged in preserving and improving extremely low-income housing since our inception. Starting with the organizing of Residential Hotel tenants in Downtown LA, then expanding to Citywide and National campaigns to preserve public housing, LA CAN has educated and mobilized tenants to promote and defend the human right to housing.

LA CAN organizes housing committees in Downtown LA and South LA.  These committees identify pressing issues and develop campaigns to address them. We are also a core member of the Los Angeles Human Right to Housing Collective, focused on building a Citywide voice for extremely low-income tenants and homeless residents.

LA CAN also engages in coalition building, Know Your Rights training, community-lawyering projects, policy research and policy advocacy, and other strategies to advance housing rights.

LA CAN’s critical housing work has led to numerous victories, including:

  • The preservation of 15,000 homes for LA’s lowest income tenants throughout the City;
  • Reversing a unanimously-passed redevelopment plan, preventing displacement for almost 9,000 low-income households in the heart of gentrifying downtown;
  • A “no net loss” policy for all affordable housing in the downtown redevelopment plan, which resulted in increased funding for extremely low-income housing, local hiring obligations, and strengthened tenant rights requirements;
  • Significantly improved health and safety conditions in more than 2,000 homes previously in slum conditions;
  • Elimination of the guest fee practices in more than 5,000 homes, saving tenants from an unjust charge just to have family, friends and caregivers visit; and
  • Community-lawyering projects that resulted in $3 million going directly to low-income people in compensation for illegal actions and establishing the right to return for more than 500 illegally displaced tenants

Click HERE to view and download a timeline of LA CAN’s Housing work and Victories.