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In 2000, following the tradition of all major social movements, LA CAN created its own community-based newspaper with the purpose of telling the whole story from the perspectives of those living it. Since then, the Community Connection has served as a forum for extremely low-income residents to express their opinions, write stories, and report on news happening in their community from their own perspective.

Understanding that the mainstream media regularly fails to include the voice of poor communities of color in its reporting of issues of poverty and race, the Community Connection provides space and training for community journalists to report on issues of housing, poverty, civil rights, community health, arts and culture.

The newspaper shares LA CAN’s philosophy that people are best suited to tell their own stories; therefore, all stories and articles are written by LA CAN members and supporters. Submissions are compiled into bimonthly editions and distributed to residences, organizations and other locations throughout Downtown and South LA. The Community Connection is LA CAN’s rendition of the North Star, the Liberator and other historical examples of community-based press used to advance social change.


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