Community Research

LA CAN’s participatory-action research supports our organizing campaigns through rigorous investigation and data analysis – with projects ranging from community surveys to needs assessments. These reports also focus on aspects and areas of poverty, housing, civil rights, and community health that have been under-researched in academia, which is one of the reasons that these reports regularly find their way into classrooms throughout the country. Below you will find a selection of our community research projects.

The Paradox of Food in Skid Row 2017-1

The Paradox of Food In Skid Row: 2017 Community Food Assessment

(December 2017





Microsoft Word - Dirty_Divide_Update_Out_of_Service_LACAN_Novemb

Dirty Divide: “Out of Service”

(December 2017)






All Show No Substance: Proposition HHH First Year Performance Assessment

(December 2017)




2016DowntownWomensNeedsAssessment-web-12016 Downtown Women’s Needs Assessment

(October 2016)






Finding and Recommendations of the Rapid Health Impact Assessment of the Proposed Farmers Field Development

(July 2012)




Untitled2010 Downtown Women’s Needs Assessment

A Report from the Downtown Women’s Action Coalition (March 2011)




cover page.indd

Community-Based Human Rights Assessment: Skid Row’s Safer Cities Initiative

(December 2010)




Taming-the-Perfect-Storm photoTaming the Perfect Storm

Addressing the Impact of Public Health, Housing, and Law Enforcement Policies on Homelessness and Health in South Los Angeles – A Human Rights Approach to Health (July 2008)




2007Needs Assessment PhotoGrowing Need & Shrinking Opportunities

Findings and Recommendations from the 2007 Downtown Women’s Needs Assessment (2007)




slum-housing-white-paper picShame of the City

Slum Housing and the Critical Threat to the Health of L.A.Children and Families (April 2007)




2004CoverColumnFarRightCenteredYellow photoMany Struggles, Few Options

Findings & Recommendations from the 2004 Downtown Women’s Needs Assessment (January 2005)




foodreport photoTaken for Granted: Ignoring Downtown Food-Insecurity

Assessing the impacts of limited choice, availability and quality of food. (October 2005)




encampmentreport-final photoLife on Industrial Avenue

A Profile of an Urban Encampment in Downtown Los Angeles with Ten Policy Recommendations (July 2001)




DWCA-Needs-AssessmentFullReport2001 photoDowntown Women’s Needs Assessment

Findings and Recommendations, A Report of the Downtown Women’s Action Coaltion (October 2001)




bidsreport photoBusiness Improvement Districts: Protecting or Provoking

(February 2000)