Residential Hotel Ordinance Celebrates 8 years of Preserving a DTLA FOR ALL!

May 6 marks the 8th Anniversary of what the City of LA called the “strongest housing preservation ordinance in Los Angeles’ history.” After a years-long campaign created and led LA CAN members, the ordinance, known as the “Residential Hotel Unit Conversion and Demolition Ordinance,” was passed 13-0 by City Council and immediately resulted in the protection of nearly 19,000 units city-wide and 30,000 people. This includes about 9,000 units of housing for low-income folks in Downtown Los Angeles.

To be clear, this represents protecting 9,000 homes for poor people in DTLA, which was at the time experiencing one of the strongest waves of gentrification and displacement in the country. This means at least 9,000 extremely low-income people – most of whom would otherwise be on the streets – being able to stay in their community. This is how LA CAN members – both housed and unhoused – fought and were victorious in ensuring that Downtown LA would remain the home of poor, largely Black and Brown residents – even as we acknowledged that the community was changing.

Better neighborhoods, same neighbors. Investment without displacement. Growth and change while protecting the civil and human rights of the residents who have been in DTLA longest. A better DTLA FOR ALL. We fought for and won this 8 years ago today. And we welcome all those who want to join us as we continue to fight for and win this everyday.