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LA CAN has been a strong and visible leader in promoting and defending human rights in Downtown and South LA, with additional impacts regionally, nationally and internationally.  Just a few of our victories and impacts include:

  • Reversed the Community Redevelopment Agency’s City Center Redevelopment Plan– the original, unanimously approved plans to remove almost 3,000 affordable housing units were changed to include a “no net loss” policy for all affordable housing, additional residential hotel protections, and local hiring policies. 2002 – 2006
  • Created and launched CommunityWatch, a police monitoring and anti-gentrification project with trained LA CAN members as an alternative security presence in our neighborhood, which has prevented and reduced human and civil rights violations by LAPD and private security against poor and homeless people. 2005 – present
  • Successfully organized and advocated for a Citywide Residential Hotel Preservation Ordinance, a culmination of a series of building-specific campaigns and lawsuits, resulting in preserving more than 18,000 low-income housing units in the City of LA and re-claiming more than 2,000 homes that were scheduled for conversion. 2006 – 2008
  • Elevated LA CAN’s work and Los Angeles housing rights violations to the international level, via serving as the LA host for the first ever U.S. investigation by the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Right to Adequate housing, an invitation for long-time Skid Row community member Deborah Burton’s testimony to the UN Human Rights Commission in Geneva, Switzerland and a special inquiry by the UN Special Rapporteur on the Situation of Human Rights Defenders calling for an end to the retaliation against LA CAN member General Dogon. 2009-2012
  • The preservation of 15,000 homes for LA’s lowest income tenants throughout the City
  • Reversing a unanimously-passed redevelopment plan, preventing displacement for almost 9,000 low-income households in the heart of gentrifying downtown
  • A “no net loss” policy for all affordable housing in the downtown redevelopment plan, which resulted in increased funding for extremely low-income housing, local hiring obligations, and strengthened tenant rights requirements
  • Significantly improved health and safety conditions in more than 2,000 homes previously in slum conditions
  • Elimination of the guest fee practices in more than 5,000 homes, saving tenants from an unjust charge just to have family, friends and caregivers visit
  • Community-lawyering projects that resulted in $3 million going directly to low-income people in compensation for illegal actions and establishing the right to return for more than 500 illegally displaced tenants
  • Educating thousands of residents about their rights through teach-ins, workshops, one-on-one outreach and other efforts
  • Launching the first and longest-sustained police monitoring program in LA, CommunityWatch, which created a check and balance system for the power dynamics between residents and private security/police
  • Creating a culture of resistance against civil and human rights abuses in our communities
  • Helping dozens of individuals win civil and criminal court battles who otherwise would have been wrongfully prosecuted and/or had their rights violated
  • Collecting documentation and evidence leading to several court injunctions against LAPD, preventing them the pattern and practice of illegal stops, illegal searches and illegally confiscating property
  • Reducing the ticketing rates in Skid Row by almost 50% and providing citation defense for thousands of residents.

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