Advocacy Group Considering Legal Action Against Santa Clarita After Homeless Public Sleeping Ban

The Los Angeles Community Action Network, a nonprofit to assist people in poverty, is “actively discussing” suing Santa Clarita in response sweeping new policies outlawing sleeping in any public space, said Pete White, the founder and executive director of the organization.

“The broad set of rules targeting homeless individuals living in Santa Clarita is nothing short of a lawsuit in search of a plaintiff,” White said.

The changes to city ordinances, approved at Tuesday’s City Council meeting, prohibits any camping, meaning setting up shelters or sleeping, in a public area.

The policy “sets a horrible precedent,” with more cities likely to follow suit, according to White.

Under the changed ordinance, the City of Santa Clarita has outlawed the laying down of bedding or other camping supplies commonly used by homeless people.

Public spaces include any city parks, public sidewalks and the miles of hiking trails that run through Santa Clarita, among others, according to city documents.

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