Ballot measure to help homeless in LA may fall short of its goal

Will Measure HHH—the ballot initiative approved overwhelmingly two years ago to build 10,000 units of housing for homeless residents—achieve the goals promised to voters?

Money raised through the ballot measure could subsidize fewer than 6,000 units before funds run out, according to the city’s administrative officer. That’s 4,000 units, or 40 percent, short of its goal.

Pete White, director of the Los Angeles Community Action Network, which helped campaign for the ballot measure, says that’s causing a lot of angst.

“If we campaigned for 10,000 units, we expect 10,000 units,” he says.

City officials did not specify how many units the measure would fund in the language that appeared before voters in 2016. But 10,000 was the figure most commonly used in campaign messaging.

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