Community Joins National Bail Out Efforts and Bails Out 8 1/2 Month-Pregnant Mama for Mother’s Day

WHEN: MAY 10, 2018 at 12 P.M.

Los Angeles, CA — Organizers, Academics and LA County Public Defender’s to hold press conference in Los Angeles for the National Mama’s Bail Out Day Campaign.

Speakers & invitees include: Patrisse Cullors (Justice LA), Kelly Lytle Hernandez (author of “City of Inmates”), Jody Armour (USC Professor of law), Sherise Francis (LA County Public Defender), Gina Belafonte, Pete White (Executive Director, Los Angeles Community Action Network (LA CAN)) and the Creative Artists Agency Foundation – press conference will highlight local efforts within the national campaign and call attention to systemic injustices, namely: the unfair cash money bail system and mass incarceration.

LA CAN will host the press conference and lift the case of Miss. Murphy, an 8 ½ month pregnant Black Mother, ruthlessly snatched away from her 4 y/o daughter and thrown into jail, following a family domestic dispute. This case illustrates the unjust impact of pretrial detention on black families. Upon hearing of her case, LA CAN immediately identified Miss. Murphy as someone “we needed to help“ so she could return to her 4 year old daughter, resume pregnancy in a safe environment, and be home for Mother’s Day.

“In California, most of us have the right to freedom before trial. But that right comes at a price, i.e. money bail. In most cases, the price of freedom will never be refunded. Therefore, we are charging people for their constitutional right to freedom. It is time to rethink our money bail system. Nothing less than justice and freedom are at stake.” Kelly Lytle Hernandez, UCLA Million Dollar Hoods Project and author of “City of Inmates”

The National Mama’s Day Bail Out Campaign gives incarcerated mothers an opportunity to spend Mother’s Day with their families #FreeBlackMamas

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