Crenshaw Community Concerns Invoke Gentrification Summit

While many view it as community growth, revitalization and upgrades; others are frightened and organizing out of concern for gentrification.

The Baldwin, Crenshaw, Leimert area is under serious re-development. You notice it on Crenshaw; from Jefferson to almost Florence. You see The Metro construction you hear about the upcoming redesign of the Baldwin Hills mall, you see and hear about local Churches Community Development Corporations building senior homes and schools and you see the new Kaiser Permanente. With all the great development, many are concerned about the other entities.

The Baldwin, Crenshaw Leimert Park communities are a part of the only predominately black community in Los Angeles. While some see it as growth many residents rapidly see corporate developers, corporate landlords, and Wall Street speculators transform their neighborhoods into high-priced markets at the expense of working-class communities.

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