Dignity and Power Now and Local Community Organizations Bail Black Mother Out of Jail for Mother’s Day

Dignity and Power Now (DPN), Los Angeles Community Action Network (LACAN) and a New Way of Life joined together to bail 40-year-old Michelle Callendar out of Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood last week in time for Mother’s Day. The L.A. based group’s efforts are a part of a nationwide campaign called National Mama’s Bail Out Day and includes organizations like Southerners on New Ground, the Movement for Black Lives, Color of Change and other groups that raised more than $360,000 to bail out black mothers for Mother’s Day. The campaign highlights the impact of pretrial detention on black families and how states like California’s bail system unfairly punishes the poor.

“I’m blessed,” said the mother of six on being released in time for Mother’s Day. “I’m alive and my children are ecstatic. I can’t wait to pay it forward.”

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