Downtown Stakeholders Push for Trial in Key Skid Row Case

DTLA – In April 2016, United State District Court Judge James Otero made a key ruling in the case known as “Mitchell vs. City of Los Angeles.” He issued a temporary injunction that prevented the city from seizing and destroying property in Skid Row without posting advance notice in the area. The city, Otero ruled, must store impounded belongings so people can retrieve them. It applied only to Skid Row and “adjoining areas.”

A trial is scheduled for Feb. 5, 2019, according to the office of the City Attorney. In recent weeks, City Council committees have held a pair of hearings on the matter as Los Angeles officials ponder whether to settle the case.

Last week, approximately 80 Downtown stakeholders showed up at one of the hearings, and more than 30 people urged the city not to settle the matter and essentially preserve the status quo, which they assert has led to cluttered and sometimes impassable sidewalks, but instead to proceed to trial.

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