Finding Ways to Turn the University Model Inside-Out

Evictions and displacement have affected Angelenos across the city, from South Central to neighborhoods just outside of downtown. Tenants from an apartment complex near the University of Southern California were displaced as their units were slated for renovation. Residents in L.A.’s oldest neighborhood of Lincoln Heights fear they’re becoming prime targets for investors as gentrification creeps in and around central L.A.

Housing rights activists have documented this displacement across social media through live stories and protests. Media outlets have also reported it.

But what’s largely missing from this conversation is where tenants go after they’ve been evicted from their homes.

That’s one gap that Institute on Inequality and Democracy at the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs is working to fill.

“We do not know anything about where evicted households go,” says Ananya Roy, the institute’s founding director. “They simply drop out of view.”

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