Save Lives. Save the Planet. Raise funds for LA CAN this holiday season!

As this devastating year comes to a close, we know the challenges continue. LA CAN has stepped up, as we have for the last 20 years, to hold the government accountable and to offer new models for housing, healthcare, food and sustainability.

We need your help to keep this work going. If you’re a supporter of LA CAN, help us get the word out about our work by creating your own fundraising page. Use this toolkit below to get started! 

Why fundraise for LA CAN

LA CAN has been a center for human rights work for over 20 years. Our commitment to organize and empower our community renews with every challenge that comes our way. This year has been full of those challenges. Between COVID-19, horrific police violence and the compounding homelessness crisis, we have had layer upon layer added to our existing work.

LA CAN remains a place dedicated to true freedom not just in sentiment but in the actions we take every day to ensure our communities are not just surviving but thriving. From programs like portable handwashing stations to policy work on Measure J to creating a whole new model for housing with EcoHood, LA CAN is not waiting for someone else to act. We are moving forward with the work that needs to happen and to do that, we need your support.

How to set up your fundraising page

  1. Go to Facebook Fundraisers (
  2. Choose “Select Nonprofit” 
  3. Search for “Cangress”
  4. Set your fundraising goal and update the title
  5. Update “why are you raising money.” You can use the text below and add your own LA CAN story.
  6. Update the cover photo (see some options below!)
  7. Hit create and start sharing it!

Don’t have Facebook? You can still promote LA CAN using our donation page

Share why you care about LA CAN

Use the language below and make it your own! Share why you’re passionate about LA CAN
I’m raising money for LA CAN this holiday season. LA CAN has been a center for human rights work for over 20 years. Based in LA’s Skid Row, they organize and empower people. They focus on building power in Black communities and with those who have been historically marginalized. 
LA CAN works at multiple levels from supporting folks one-on-one to advocating for structural change. Some of LA CAN’s current work includes: Sunday Strong and Wellness Wednesday community days, a Women’s Needs Assessment for Skid Row, handwashing stations for COVID-19, passing Measure J and developing a new, sustainable housing model with EcoHood. They have been instrumental in so much of the progress happening all around Los Angeles and they offer us a roadmap towards a better world. Please join me in supporting LA CAN in your end of year giving.

Add a cover photo

Promote your page

Get the word out about your fundraising page. As people look out for end of year causes, help make LA CAN top of mind!

  1. Text or call friends and family. Let them know why you care about LA CAN. Send them your fundraising page.

  2. Share your fundraising page at work or with community groups you’re a part of.

  3. Post your page on social media. Use the sample messages and images below.
  4. Raise money through an event. Do you host a weekly watch party? Teach yoga? Bake cakes? These are great ways to gather donations!

Social posts

  • I’m raising money for @LACANetwork this holiday season. Join me in supporting their powerful work towards justice: [Your fundraising page]
  • A better world is truly possible. Organizations like @LACANetwork show us how through powerful projects like EcoHood Sustainable Housing and portable handwashing stations to keep folks safe from COVID-19. Join me in supporting their work: [Your fundraising page]
  • I support @LACANetwork because I’ve seen how their work has brought real change in our community. From the passing of Measure J to the Women’s Needs Assessment for Skid Row, supporting LA CAN is an investment in a better future for us all [Your fundraising page]

Thank you for supporting our work

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