L.A. County Moves to Address Homelessness with Pop-Up Bathrooms

After months of bureaucratic red tape, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors voted to approve the placement of portable toilets and handwashing stations in Venice Beach to primarily serve the area’s homeless population, the LA Times reports.

It’s the latest move in ongoing efforts by the city of Los Angeles to provide bathroom access — among other urgently needed services — to people experiencing homelessness in neighborhoods like Venice and Skid Row, home to one of the nation’s largest chronically homeless populations. The city’s efforts have been hamstrung by the need to get approvals from other agencies, the Times reported in a separate article. A December unveiling of temporary RefreshSpot trailers, the first new public toilets on Skid Row in a decade, was seen as a “possible turning point for the homeless enclave,” the paper reported, but three months later, the trailers shut down and never reappeared.

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