Los Angeles opens new hygiene center on skid row; local activists not impressed

Mayor Eric Garcetti and an assortment of city councilmen rolled out the proverbial red carpet for themselves on Monday in Skid Row, for the new opening of a brand-new “hygiene center.” The curiously named “ReFresh Spot” (what is this, a new juice stand?) contains six showers and eight toilets, the first time in a decade that the city has added new public restrooms to Skid Row.

“Homelessness is a crisis of housing and public health,” said the mayor in a statement, “and the ReFresh Spot shows that when the community and city work together, we can help the most vulnerable Angelenos meet their most basic human needs.”

But not everyone was so pleased with the grand opening. As part of the festivities, the mayor handed a certificate of commendation (which local elected officials hand out like candy on Halloween to any dry cleaner or volunteer they cross paths with) to a local activist with the Los Angeles Community Action Network (or L.A. CAN) known as General Dogon.

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