Arts and Culture is the backbone of our movement and march towards FREEDOM!! LA CAN’s newest organizing committee features incredible artists from in and around the LA area…all of whom have a deep passion for community and social justice. The art we create is keenly focused on bringing attention to the work we do in community. Our artists are diverse, creative and represent a broad swath of arts achievement! Visual and performing arts, Theatre and many music genres serve as the backdrop for these amazing creations. Learn more!!

The Freedom Singers

The Freedom Singers represent the musical wing of arts and culture at LA CAN. Comprised of members of the Skid Row community,This POWERFUL ensemble breathes new life into the music and traditional sounds of the human rights struggle. With a broad stroke of diverse music and movement, this ensemble dazzles audiences with dynamic vocal arrangements that range from Zulu war chants to contemporary pop with common messages: Empowerment of self, reverence for community and love for humanity. Based at Los Angeles Community Action Network, a non-profit globally recognized for its fearless justice work, the group is directed by award-winning musician and Skid Row Community member, Kayo Anderson.  The Freedom Singers ensemble is a signature statement about Arts and Culture at LA CAN and in Skid Row at large and provides a rousing rebuff to the often negative false narratives that skid row residents face. Accompanied by Anderson and the LA CAN band, this ensemble is sure to BRING DOWN THE HOUSE!!!


Comprised mostly of Skid Row community members, the LA CAN Band has become one of the most sought after bands when it comes to the proliferation and arrangement of Movement Music. Founded in the Summer of 2019, this troupe is ever-expanding and covers songs from a very diverse range of the Afrikan Diaspora, including, but not limited to Classical, Pop/Rock, R&B, Gospel, Reggae, Blues, Jazz and original music. 

There is a keen focus on movement music. This is music that drives our actions.

To learn more about Arts & Culture at LA CAN. Email Kayo at

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