Song of the Week: Beastie Boys’ ‘Negotiation Limerick File,’ for Farmers Field mediation

Twenty groups that offered comments on the draft environmental impact report for Farmers Field have used their prerogative under SB 292 to request mediation with the city and with AEG about it. That mediation’s already underway. Kind of interesting: this isn’t something that CEQA normally provides. This is part of the hurry-up of SB 292. “Within five days following the close of the public comment period, a commenter on the draft environmental impact report may submit to the lead agency a written request for nonbinding mediation,” the law says. Starting now, and ending “no later than 35 days after the close of the public comment period.”

Mediation for Farmers Field is meant to head off litigation. “A commenter who agrees to a measure pursuant to this subparagraph shall not raise the issue addressed by that measure as a basis for a petition for writ of mandate challenging the lead agency’s decision to certify the environmental impact report or to grant one or more initial project approvals,” says the law.

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