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Mission Statement

The mission of LA CAN is to help people dealing with poverty create & discover opportunities, while serving as a vehicle to ensure we have voice, power & opinion in the decisions that are directly affecting us.

The Los Angeles Community Action Network (LA CAN) was formed in 1999 when 25 residents of Downtown Los Angeles came together and acknowledged the issues that existed in our community. We made a commitment to address those problems by organizing and becoming a force that demands change. Today we work on a variety of initiatives and projects across Skid Row and South Central LA.


LA CAN maintains that Housing is a Human Right and has engaged in preserving and improving extremely low-income housing since our inception. EcoHood is the newest extension of LA CAN’s critical housing work.

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Become a part of a movement to end poverty create and create opportunity. Learn more about the issues that impact us all and ways that you can make a difference in solving them.

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We change problems together. Join LA CAN in ensuring that we have voice, power and opinion in the decisions that are directly affecting us.

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LA CAN members are low-income Angelenos who join us to build organization within our communities in order amass the power necessary to bring about social, civil and economic justice.

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Justice for Breonna Taylor

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Over the years, we added core projects addressing women’s rights, the human right to housing, and healthy food access. LA CAN also has projects focused on economic development, civic participation and voter engagement, and community media.

Climate Change
Food Security
Crisis Support

Facts about LA CAN

LA CAN has been a strong and visible leader in promoting and defending human rights in Downtown and South LA, with additional impacts regionally, nationally and internationally.

Reversed a unanimously-passed redevelopment plan, preventing displacement for almost 9,000 low-income households


Significantly improved health and safety conditions in more than 2,000 homes previously in slum conditions


Eliminated the guest fee practice in more than 2,500 homes, saving tenants from an unjust charge


Organized community-lawyering projects that resulted in 2.84 million dollars

what people say

LA CAN provides legal assistance and organizes to protect poor communities against illegal evictions.They do a great job focusing on many areas of poverty, housing, civil rights and community health.

Angela Smith

Angela Smith

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