LA CAN’s EcoHoods development will provide the South LA community with affordable, sustainable, dignified housing without reliance on public funding.

Our team of community artists addresses important social justice issues and fosters healing through music, art, performance, and creative expression.

LA CAN maintains that housing is a human right and has engaged in preserving and improving extremely low-income housing since our inception through tenant organizing and advocacy, community planning, impact ligation, and grassroots policy.

The Food and Wellness Committee brings Skid Row residents and food justice allies together to improve the community’s food system with nutrition education, anti-hunger policy, and community gardening initiatives.

Our fight to preserve the human and civil rights of LA’s poor and houseless residents is rooted in an abolitionist framework that addresses the deep-seated structural racism and inequality in Skid Row and other communities of color.

DWAC aims to address the feminization of poverty by uplifting the voices of Skid Row’s women and providing opportunities for healing, advocacy, and community building.

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